To the Dixon and Welling family collection of family papers and objects passed down from James and Elizabeth L.C. Dixon, Dr. James Clarke Welling and preserved by their daughters, granddaughters and digitized by a great grandaughter so that others may retrace their footprints and have a glimpse into their lives from a new vantage point.

Recently Added Items

1799 Letter from Geo Washington to Wm Thornton

From George Washington to William Thornton, 7 October 1799

On October 9, 1799 President George Washington wrote a letter to William Thornton asking him to show the City of Washington to Col. John Walker…

Smithsonian Ephemera by Tiffany 

1894 Smithsonian Ephemera 1

Leather bound folder given to the widow and family of James Clarke Welling, with a handwritten   acknowledgment by the Smithsonian Regents to honor of…