An oval portrait of J. Dalton on ivory circa 1800

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An oval portrait of J. Dalton on ivory circa 1800


Portrait painting, British


An oval portrait watercolor portrait of an officer in a red uniform, sash bearskin hat with plumme, background is robin's egg blue. Written on verso J Dalton Pinx 1800 J Sillett

Lost & Found History

There are countless pieces of history scattered around the world, many of which are often overlooked or forgotten. Today, we are shining a spotlight on a particular piece that has been lost in the annals of time and recently rediscovered: a portrait on Ivory from the private collection of the Dixon-Welling family.

The portrait is a fascinating look into the past, serving as a snapshot of a time and place long gone. Crafted with intricate detail and a keen eye for aesthetics, it is a testament to the artistic skills and cultural sensibilities of its time.

The piece is signed on the back, or verso, with the names 'J Dalton' and 'J Sillett Pinx', and the date '1800'. This provides us with some tantalizing clues about its history and origin. The identity of J. Dalton is unknown, which adds a layer of mystery to the piece. However, we do know that the artist was James Sillett, a British miniaturist who was active during the 18th and 19th centuries.

James Sillett was known for his miniature portraits, which were often painted on ivory. His work is characterized by its meticulous detail and vibrant use of color. Despite the small size of the miniatures, Sillett was able to capture the personality and character of his subjects with remarkable accuracy. The Miniature on Ivory from the Dixon-Welling collection is no exception, demonstrating Sillett's exceptional skill and artistic vision.

Despite its age and the mystery surrounding its creation, the Portrait on Ivory has been preserved in excellent condition. It is currently part of the private collection of Miss Elizabeth Dixon Welling, who has graciously allowed it to be shared with the public. This remarkable piece of history is just one of the many treasures that can be found in private collections around the world.

The Portrait on Ivory is a testament to the power of art and the importance of preserving our historical artifacts. It serves as a reminder of the rich history that surrounds us and the stories that can be found in the most unexpected of places. As we continue to uncover these lost relics, we gain a deeper understanding of our past and the people who lived in it. 


James Sillett (British artist)




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