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Family Private collection
Items still in family private collection and not yet donated or sold out of the family to a private collector


This collection consists of items passed down through the family and still remain in our private collection.


Elizabeth L. C. Dixon
Dr. James Clarke Welling



Collection Items

An oval portrait of J. Dalton on ivory circa 1800
An oval portrait watercolor portrait of an officer in a red uniform, sash bearskin hat with plumme, background is robin's egg blue. Written on verso J Dalton Pinx 1800 J Sillett Lost & Found History There are countless pieces of history…

Gold Tipped Presentation Cane
In 1865 this wooden cane was given to Sen. James Dixon. Engraved on the gold handle; Hon. James Dixon from N. D. G. Esq. & J. D. M. 1865.

Senator Dixon was given this cane in 1865, the year the Civil War ended. The gift of a cane, sometimes called…

1894 Smithsonian Ephemera by Tiffany 
Leather bound folder given to the widow and family of James Clarke Welling, with a handwritten   acknowledgment by the Smithsonian Regents to honor of the death of their esteemed colleague in remembrance of his contributions during his lifetime to…

1864 Ivory Notebook
Small notebook of ivory sheets with writing and silver clasp with writing on each page was inherited from the granddaughter of Elizabeth L. C. Dixon. The notes were various lists of items to remember, one family name "Kirkpatrick" sleigh for New…

Abraham Lincoln on Ivory
Ink and watercolor portrait on oval shaped ivory of Abraham Lincoln attributed to 1860 Cooper Union CDV

Harriet Lane Carte De Visite and card of President Buchanan
CDV of Miss Harriet Lane, niece of President Buchanan and the President Buchanan card.
These items may be found in Mrs. Elizabeth L. C. Dixon’s Civil War photo album, in the private collection of the Dixon - Welling family.

Corked Bottle inscribed Pool of Siloam Aug 20, 1844
Glass bottle with inscription from private collection of Elizabeth L. C. Dixon, item possibly received as a gift. “Pool of Siloam,” refers to the healing waters of the Pool of Siloam in the New Testament (John 9:6).

Portraits of the sons of Sen. James Dixon and Elizabeth L.C. Dixon
Crayon and china white shoulder length portrait of two boys. Signed and dated “A. Wunder 1855"in 1855 Adalbert Wunder drew several portraits of the sons and nephew of Sen. James Dixon and wife, Elizabeth L.C. Dixon. According to Art and Artists in…

James Clarke Welling response to article, Diary of a Public Man, published 1879 in The Nation

Autograph of  Japanese Ambassadors circa 1860
Found within the private collection belonging to Elizabeth L. C. Dixon is the 1860 autograph of the Japanese Ambassadors - Murgaki Norimasa, Shimmi Masaoki, and Oguri Tadamasu given to the Dixon family during their 1860 visit to the US
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