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Items in this collection were at one time part in our private family collection but because of the historic or cultural value were donated to public repositories therefore ensuring public access to these items in the future.


The heirs of the family of Sen. James Dixon, Elizabeth L.C. Dixon and Dr. James Clarke Welling



Collection Items

Harriet Malvina Wilson letter, 7 August 1869, Natick, to Mrs. Elizabeth L.C. Dixon
Harriet Wilson, the wife of vice-president Henry Wilson, wrote to Mrs. Dixon to discuss her family's happiness as well as present sickness Wilson was having.
The letter is in response of Mrs. Dixon's asking for help with Corporal Jones case.

Chief Justice John Marshall Bill of Sale – Slave Dicey from John B. Johnson to Jaquelin Ambler dated 3 July 1787
Handwritten on the page; I do hereby bargain, sell & convey in absolute property to John Marshall for seventy pounds which I have this received from him  one negro wench named Dicey with her child and do bend myself, my heirs executors &…

This collection of Valentines contains cards that were given to Mrs. Elizabeth L. C. Dixon 1819-1871 and Miss Bessie L. Dixon 1841-1931 One card is dated 14 February 1848. This collection features depictions of nature and various floras. The…

1799 Letter from Geo Washington to Wm Thornton
On October 9, 1799 President George Washington wrote a letter to William Thornton asking him to show the City of Washington to Col. John Walker (1744–1809) and Hugh Nelson (1768–1836), son of Gov. Thomas Nelson (1738–1789), who had just  married…

1861 Inaugural Ball Invitation to Misses Dixon
"Misses Dixon," being the wife of Connecticut' Republican Senator, James Dixon. with this elaborately-engraved document - printed by the Philp & Solomons; hereby invited to attend President Lincoln's 1861 Inaugural Union Ball. The "Union Ball,"…

1802 Thomas Jefferson’s pecan trees sent to Gen. John Mason
Discovered within our Dixon-Welling family papers at the Connecticut Historical Society is an autograph manuscript dated Nov 22, 1802 from Thomas Jefferson to Gen. John Mason asking acceptance of three peccan trees. Pecan trees..... interesting. How…

Gordon Granger letters
Letters to Elizabeth L. C. Dixon from her friend, Gen. Granger. One accepting invitation to dinner and the other inviting her to Civil War Cavalry party.

Rediscovering the Circular Sofa: An Object Lost & Found in History
In the realm of antique furniture, few pieces have as much charm and history as the circular sofa or borne. This unique piece of furniture has graced the homes of dignitaries and aristocrats across centuries, and each one carries a story that's as…

Mahogany Stool
This footstool and a tester bed were bequeathed to CHS by Miss Elizabeth Dixon Welling. These items purchased in April-May 1865 from Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln just prior to her departing the White House.

The upholstered portion looks quite new with…
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