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1894 Smithsonian Ephemera 1
Leather bound folder given to the widow and family of James Clarke Welling, with a handwritten   acknowledgment by the Smithsonian Regents to honor of the death of their esteemed colleague in remembrance of his contributions during his lifetime to…

From George Washington to William Thornton, 7 October 1799
On October 9, 1799 President George Washington wrote a letter to William Thornton asking him to show the City of Washington to Col. John Walker (1744–1809) and Hugh Nelson (1768–1836), son of Gov. Thomas Nelson (1738–1789), who had just  married…

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission:

The members of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission were appointed by the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives following passage of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission Act…
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