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This footstool and a tester bed were bequeathed to CHS by Miss Elizabeth Dixon Welling. These items purchased in April-May 1865 from Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln just prior to her departing the White House.

The upholstered portion looks quite new with…

In 1976 my great aunt, sold family heirlooms; a japanned high chest and dressing table to Zeke Liverant, an antique dealer from Colchester, CT, who sold them to Albert Sack for the Kaufman's, renown collectors and philanthropists.  

The high chest…

Spring-driven gold watch with cylinder escapement, 1701-1800 by Ellicott, London in pinchbeck inner case and white enamel dial with Arabic & Roman numerals.

Watch: hinged silver back with numbers 252 0120, inner back is mark: "F.S." below small…

Small notebook of ivory sheets with writing and silver clasp with writing on each page was inherited from the granddaughter of Elizabeth L. C. Dixon. The notes were various lists of items to remember, one family name "Kirkpatrick" sleigh for New…

A small gold locket containing a few hairs from the head of Alexander Hamilton is engraved on the back: “The hair of Alexander Hamilton which was given by his descendant to Mrs. Martha Lyman Foster and left by her to Miss E.L. Dixon.” The above Mrs.…

Writing or engraving on the bell are the twelve Apostles around skirt, kneeling cherubs form handle, cross on top. This bell is a replica of the nine ton bell handing in the basilica of St. Peter’s cathedral, Rome, known as the most beautiful bell…

Glass bottle with inscription from private collection of Elizabeth L. C. Dixon, item possibly received as a gift. “Pool of Siloam,” refers to the healing waters of the Pool of Siloam in the New Testament (John 9:6).

Attributed to the Washington, D.C. home of Navy Secretary Gideon Welles this circular sofa, or borne, came in to possession of the Dixon-Welling family and later owned by Miss Elizabeth D. Welling and used in her home.

Elizabeth L.C. Dixon's Wedding Dress
Wedding dress worn by Elizabeth L. C. Dixon on the day of her marriage to James Dixon, Esq. in 1842 at her presentation to King Louis Phillippe of France, Pope Gregory XVI and in 1846 when she met President James Polk; as mentioned in 'Diary of…

Lost + Found family heirloom found in in the NMNH - Anthropology Dept. collections on the Smithsonian website has new information about a Hawaiian feather cape passed down through the Dixon-Welling family. Catalog Number: E128386-0 Specimen…
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