2009 Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial


2009 Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial


Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865


Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission:

The members of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission were appointed by the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives following passage of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission Act in 2000.

Under the legislation, the President appointed five members, including two at large and one each on the recommendation of the governors of Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois (the states where Lincoln lived). The Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader each named three members and the Minority Leaders of the House and Senate each appointed two members.

The Commissioners were chosen based on their knowledge, study, and appreciation of Abraham Lincoln and their proven dedication to educating others about the nationʼs 16th president and the Lincoln era of American history. This diverse and accomplished group focused on informing the public about Abraham Lincolnʼs contributions to the preservation of our nation, the destruction of slavery, the creation of some of the most enduring words in the nationʼs literature – and finding the best possible ways to honor his accomplishments and explore and extend his legacy.

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