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A small gold locket containing a few hairs from the head of Alexander Hamilton is engraved on the back: “The hair of Alexander Hamilton which was given by his descendant to Mrs. Martha Lyman Foster and left by her to Miss E.L. Dixon.” The above Mrs.…

March 29 1864 Mrs. Dixon Visits Officers in Virginia
This photograph from the private family collection is a friendship keepsake of Elizabeth L.C. Dixon and her daughters, Bessie and Clemmie. Written on back of photo: Guests of Gen. Robert O. Tyler at Fairfax Courthouse. Mrs. James Dixon, her…

In 1976 my great aunt, sold family heirlooms; a japanned high chest and dressing table to Zeke Liverant, an antique dealer from Colchester, CT, who sold them to Albert Sack for the Kaufman's, renown collectors and philanthropists.  

The high chest…

John Marshall slave bill of sale
Autograph manuscript, Bill of Sale, sale of a slave family dated 3 July 1787, 1 page,
John B. Johnson sells slave woman, named Dicey, and her child; on verso John Marshall writes bill of sale for mother and child to Jaquelin Ambler.

This bill…

James Clarke Welling response to article, Diary of a Public Man, published 1879 in The Nation

Letters to Elizabeth L. C. Dixon from her friend, Gen. Granger. One accepting invitation to dinner and the other inviting her to Civil War Cavalry party.

Harriet Wilson, the wife of vice-president Henry Wilson, wrote to Mrs. Dixon to discuss her family's happiness as well as present sickness Wilson was having.
The letter is in response of Mrs. Dixon's asking for help with Corporal Jones case.

Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography and Life and Writings of Dr. James Clarke Welling

An oval portrait watercolor portrait of an officer in a red uniform, sash bearskin hat with plumme, background is robin's egg blue. Written on verso J Dalton Pinx 1800 J Sillett Lost & Found History There are countless pieces of history…
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