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Small notebook of ivory sheets with writing and silver clasp with writing on each page was inherited from the granddaughter of Elizabeth L. C. Dixon. The notes were various lists of items to remember, one family name "Kirkpatrick" sleigh for New…

Ink and watercolor portrait on oval shaped ivory of Abraham Lincoln attributed to 1860 Cooper Union CDV

CDV of Miss Harriet Lane, niece of President Buchanan and the President Buchanan card.
These items may be found in Mrs. Elizabeth L. C. Dixon’s Civil War photo album, in the private collection of the Dixon - Welling family.

Glass bottle with inscription from private collection of Elizabeth L. C. Dixon, item possibly received as a gift. “Pool of Siloam,” refers to the healing waters of the Pool of Siloam in the New Testament (John 9:6).

Letters to Elizabeth L. C. Dixon from her friend, Gen. Granger. One accepting invitation to dinner and the other inviting her to Civil War Cavalry party.

In the realm of antique furniture, few pieces have as much charm and history as the circular sofa or borne. This unique piece of furniture has graced the homes of dignitaries and aristocrats across centuries, and each one carries a story that's as…

This footstool and a tester bed were bequeathed to CHS by Miss Elizabeth Dixon Welling. These items purchased in April-May 1865 from Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln just prior to her departing the White House.

The upholstered portion looks quite new with…

Spectacle case which comprises of a hard case made of black leather with blue velvet lining. The case is imprinted with: “Mary K. Nee, Optician/ 805 Main St. / Hartfor, [sic] Conn.” Also included are a pair of gold, octagonal turn-pin spectacles with…

This doll is 18 1/2" tall overall and has a black guttapercha head, black kid hands, white cotton body and legs, and wears a white turban and green and white cotton print dress. It was owned by the Misses Elizabeth and Clementine Dixon, daughters of…

19 ½” tall, brown-eyed, blond wigged bisque doll which belonged to the donor’s mother. The full body and legs are made of white kid leather, which is stuffed with sawdust. The arms are also kid to the midpoint of the forearm where bisque forearms are…
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