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Autographs given to Sen. James Dixon (1814-1873) and Elizabeth L.C. Dixon (1819-1871) handed down to daughters, Elizabeth and Clementine who passed them to their daughter, Miss Elizabeth Dixon Welling (1884-1976), to her nephews, William and Richard Welling. William Welling, Caroline Welling Van Deusen is responsible for this content.


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James Clarke Welling response to article, Diary of a Public Man, published 1879 in The Nation

Lincoln Revised Aug 22, 1862 Letter to Horace Greeley
Dr. James Clarke Welling's eulogy included President Lincoln's secretary, John Nicolay recalling that: On August 22, 1862 President Lincoln wrote an open letter to Horace Greeley, editor of New York Tribune. This letter, which has become famous in…

Autograph of  Japanese Ambassadors
1860 autograph of the Japanese Ambassadors - Murgaki Norimasa, Shimmi Masaoki, and Oguri Tadamasu given to the Dixon family during the 1860 visit to the US
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