Items include watches, stamps and baubles.

Items in the OBJECTS Collection

Hand Bell and Plate
Writing or engraving on the bell: Twelve Apostles around skirt, kneeling cherubs form handle, cross on top This bell is a replica of the nine ton bell handing in the basilica of St. Peter’s cathedral, Rome, known as the most beautiful bell in the…

Hawaiian Feather Cape

Feather Cape, Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC, Loaned by Miss Elizabeth Dixon and Mrs. Clementine L. D. Welling, gr-daughters of Rev. Jonathan Cogswell, daughters of US Sen. James Dixon of Hartford, CT Description: `Ahu`ula, feathered cape, olona…

Ladies Gold Watch with Hunter Case
Spring-driven gold watch with cylinder escapement, 1701-1800 by Ellicott, London in pinchbeck inner case and white enamel dial with Arabic & Roman numerals.

Watch: hinged silver back with numbers 252 0120, inner back is mark: "F.S." below small…